hang ten vintage jacket


brand: hang ten

material: 100% polyester

size: men’s size l

fit: would also fit a women’s size s/m as shown in pictures, and women’s size l as well. fits up to men size l, works well oversized for a baggier fit, or true to size.

condition: good vintage condition

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Product ID: 517


this jacket has it all. it looks great, has functional pockets (including one on the inner lining), and attention to detail. it zips up, including zippers on each outer pocket, and had a cute functional buckle on the neckline. the white reflective piping (yes, the white detailing is reflective, a really cool detail) has some wear, noticeable on close inspection, but the jacket is still in great condition apart from that. any small signs of wear aren’t noticeable from a small distance away.

this jacket is perfect for year round usage, as it is light enough for the warmer months, but holds heat in well when layered with a long sleeve shirt in the winter. it is originally a men’s jacket, in a larger size, so can fit a variety of bodies. would look sick paired with a dress and some boots, or with some jeans and a simple tee.

hang ten doesn’t appear to make jackets like it used to anymore, so finding a price estimate for this one was difficult. factoring in it’s age, condition, and rarity, I believe this is a fair price for this item, but you’re more than welcome to shoot me a dm to discuss this on instagram.

this piece is definitely a great addition to your closet, and pairs with many different looks. unfortunately, it is 100% polyester. for this reason, we recommend wiping it down with a damp cloth and air drying it to avoid washing it as often. this will also greatly extend the life of the jacket.


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