about us

our values.

launched in 2020, hammerhead & honeybee has been a dream for a long time. our aim is to bring sustainable and ethically made clothing to everyone, providing pieces at several different price points.

our core focus is also about being a body positive and inclusive brand. having seen large corporations change their branding to be more popular with customers around, for example, pride month, doesn’t sit well with us, and we want to make it clear that we support people year round, not just when it becomes profitable to do so.

we believe sustainable clothing is more than just the current trend, and for this reason we want to make it more accessible and mainstream.

we believe in supporting local, using as little plastic in our clothing and packaging as possible, using natural fibres in our clothing, and using vegan fabrics where possible. we pride ourselves on sustainability, and will always try to do better for the environment.

you can find us on instagram @hammerheadandhoneybee, or contact us by email at nya@hammerheadandhoneybee.com

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